ProAddiction Protein Treatment

“Hair professionals around the world dream of finding a way to give clients the look that they want – whether straight as an arrow, corkscrew curls, or anything in between – in a long-lasting treatment that doesn’t use harmful chemicals and requires minimal maintenance and aftercare. Frankly, it’s a tough wish list…

But the ProAddiction teams did it… they came up with an innovative treatment system that is 100% formaldehyde free and can be used to achieve any degree of hair straightening – from simple defrizzing to totally straight. ProAddiction is the healthiest hair straightening product on the market today. It actively restores protein to the hair, healing any damage to make it stronger and, as the hair grows out in its natural, untreated state, the treatment can safely be repeated. Because it is washed out of the hair before styling, the treatment leaves no residue and there is no after-care or lifestyle change required to maintain the treatment: clients can style their hair any way they like, and even go in the pool or the sea without compromising the ProAddiction effect.”

The ProAddiction protein treatment is a permanent customizable multi protein and amino acid nourishing hair system that provides instant hair strengthening and smoothing. It actually restores protein to the hair inside out healing any damage to make it stronger. Regenerates bonds to strengthen the hair for healthy hair. Thin hair can appear fuller as collagen fills in the damaged part of the hair. Natural Ingredients in the protein treatment nourish and heal your hair. Does not contain formaldehydes or toxins.

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