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Ladies’ Hair


includes shampoo and blowout; $15 extra for Extra long and thick hair
Master Stylists $55 – $65
Stylist $50 – $60


Regular $30 – $40
Las Vegas Blowout $35 – $45
w/ Color Service $20
Up-Do’s (non-bridal) $65 – $95 (depending on length and thickness)


rough dry, not including styling

Certified Organic Color

Root Touch up $80 – $95
All-Over $100 – $125

Non-Organic/Permanent/Demi Permanent

Permanent Roots Only $65 – $70 (non-organic)
All Over Permanent $90 – $100
Demi Non-Ammonia $70 – $105
Glaze $50 (with color service $35)


$10 extra for Organic
Full Head $135-155 (depending on length and thickness)
¾ Head $105 – $135
½ Head $95 – $105
Area Highlights $70 – $75
Each Additional Color or Low-Light $10 – $30
Individual Foil $12
Bleach Blonde Roots Touch-Up $90 – $130 (Glaze included)
All Over Bleach Blonde By consultation only

Ombre Hair

Ombre hair is a hair technique garnering a lot of attention lately…

We all envy the hair of a child who seem to get beautiful highlights naturally through sunlight. But now, that look can be achieved through color.

Ombre hair refers to the gradual lightening of the hair strand, usually fading from a darker color near the roots to a lighter one at the ends. Ombre can be very subtle or very striking. The look you want to achieve will depend on the technique and level of lightness

See some examples

Ombre Full $180 – $210
Ombre Touch-Up $90 – $120
Fasion Color Ombre By consultation only

Fashion Colors

(Exact price by consultation)
Each Foil without Pre-Lightening $15 – $25 (depending on length and thickness)
Each Foil with Pre-Lightening $20 – $40 (depending on length and thickness)


Damage-Free Perm $85 – $110 (depending on length and thickness)
100% Botanical Ammonia Free Perm $100 – $140 (depending on length and thickness)


Botanical Formaldehyde Free / Regular Keratin $300 – $375 (depending on length and thickness)
Botanical Formaldehyde Free / Express Keratin $165 – $175 (depending on length and thickness; price has increased)
Partial Keratin Treatment $75

Partial Keratin Treatment

For your fringe, partline & faceline hair

Great for ladies who have problematic hair around the face. Also great for those who want to try the benefits of a Keratin Treatment without doing a full head treatment.

Stop frizziness, cut down the drying time & make your hair easy to manage. If you are frustrated with your hair Keratin is perfect for you. No more frustration to blow dry your hair.


Keratin Conditioning Mask $35 – $40 (depending on length and thickness)
Deep Conditioner $20 – $30 (Style not included)
Awapuhi Wild Ginger Hair Repair treatment $35 – $40 (depending on length and thickness

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Men’s Hair

Classic/Razor Cuts $30 (*price has been increased)
Glaze $40

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Young Guests

(Under 13 | Appointments available Mon. – Fri.)

Boys $20
Girls $25 ($10 extra for styling)

NOTE: We kindly request one parent per child, due to the lack of space in the waiting area.


(Ages 13-17 | No Saturday appointments available)

Boys $25
Girls $35 ($10 extra for styling)

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NOTE: Prices may vary depending on hair length & thickness.

We Accept Cash & Personal Checks Only

smart HAIR studio offers Gift Certificates. For details, call or send us an email.

smart HAIR studio is conveniently located on the border of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace (Kensington) in Brooklyn, New York.