Organic Facials Service


After working with Certified Organic Hair Color for over three years and observing the amazing results achieved for our customers, we are excited to now offer an organic facial treatment.

smart HAIR studio introduces Organic Ultrasonic Facials, which incorporate traditional and modern technologies with natural organic cosmetics, ensuring your skin looks and feels its absolute best. (More info below)

Our experienced esthetician will individually customize your facial based on your skin type and other preferences.

We were glad to discover an amazing, handmade line of products created by a woman who owns a small business in California. Our products use non-gmo, organic and wild crafted ingredients, whole fruit extracts, are free of artificial colors and fragrances, and are paraben and sulfate free.


Loaded with nourishing antioxidants, bioactives and the latest anti-aging ingredients Dawn’s products work to repair and revitalize the skin.

For more information on the natural cosmetics we use, please visit the product website.

Free Consultation: If the client is unsure of what is needed for their skin type, they can come in any time, call or email us for a detailed description of the best options for their particular age and skin type from our knowledgeable esthetician.

Organic Facial

(Basic) 1 hour _$85

The facial can be customized for any type of skin: mature, dry, porous, combination, or oily.

Cleansing Wash / Toner / Exfoliation with Wash (optional) / Steam Treatment (optional) / Ultrasonic Treatment (optional) / Extractions (optional) / Toner / Mask / High Frequency Treatment
Finishing up with face cream/lotion and face massage

Mini Organic Facial

40 mins _$65

Perfect for in-between full facials to keep your skin refreshed and nourished. Great for busy folks, and also great as an introduction to the service if you’ve never had a facial before. It’s also wonderful to do before a special occasion. This service can be utilized while you wait for your little ones haircut.

Cleansing Wash / Toner / Exfoliation with Wash (optional) / Ultrasonic Massage (optional) / Mask / High Frequency Treatment
Finishing up with face cream/lotion and face massage

Maternity Facial

40 mins _$65

When pregnant, your skin can become much more sensitive. This facial is customized to provide a relaxing, skin-cleansing service including a massage, ensuring it is the gentle yet relaxing experience you need!

Cleansing Wash / Exfoliation with Wash (optional) / Steam (optional) / Extraction (optional) / Toner / Mask
Finishing up with face cream/lotion and face massage

Please Note: An additional 10 min of Massage or Eyebrow Shaping can be requested at the time of booking your appointment.

Cold Weather Rescue Facial

1 hr _$85

Why it’s important? Repairs and hydrates skin affected by cold winds and warm central heating; keeps your skin protected from these harsh elements. This facial will leave your skin hydrated and supple.

Pomegranate/Currant/Harvest Berry
All facials are specially designed to prep the skin for seasonal weather.
All services are done using organic products and can be customized for all skin types.

What is an Ultrasonic Massage?


It is a high-level sound wave technology that is used to penetrate deep below the surface of the skin promoting cellular renewal and repair, toning muscles, increasing blood circulation, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness and swelling and improving skin care product penetration.

Key Benefits of the Ultrasonic Spatula

  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Cellular rejuvenation
  • Deep pore penetration

An ultrasonic facial is a safe and simple, as well as a gentle, non-invasive skin treatment, which can be done on even the most sensitive skin.

Please Note: ¹Please check our product ingredient list for any kind of allergies. Pregnant ladies, please check with your doctor. Pregnant women should also avoid ultrasonic waves. (Please check our maternity facials instead.) ²Treatments using ultrasonic waves are not recommended for our guests with a pacemaker or any other medical metal implants/devices. ³Severely damaged skin can sometimes be out of the hands of an esthetician and may be required to be seen by a dermatologist.

smart HAIR studio is conveniently located on the border of Park Slope and Windsor Terrace (Kensington) in Brooklyn, New York.